At Humanity Hospice our family-centered approach works to ensure that the needs and wishes of both our patients and their family members are met throughout the hospice experience.  We provide a wide range of hospice care services that include physician, nursing, therapy, social work, counseling, personal and spiritual care. What would life be without our loved ones — spouses, children, extended family, friends — to share it with?  They enrich us, fill us with the joys of life and enfold us in times of sorrow.

Sometimes they chafe, and we must find ways to forgive them. Sometimes we are the ones who need forgiveness.  But whatever our life path, our loved ones are our companions.  And yet there comes a time when we must understand that part of life is letting go, that those very dear people whom we cherish cannot be with us forever. And for ourselves, too, comes a time when we can no longer hold on to life.  For just as life has a beginning, it also has an ending. Whether patients or caregivers, we often feel that we face death alone. 


Fortunately, there is a place to turn for help.  We have a choice when confronted with the diagnosis of terminal illness.  One of the gifts during life is the ability to make decisions for ourselves, to be in control of our lives.  Similarly, as death approaches, the ultimate gift is to be able to take control of how our days will end. We can choose to make the passing from life a time of great warmth and support — a time to share, to grow even closer to those who have been important to us, a time when pain is eased and the spirit is nurtured. 


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